Winter Blues Bonspiel results

We had a very successful Winter Blues Bonspiel today with 32 curlers taking part. We played four 4-end games using a skins format.  The skins were worth cash that was paid out to each team at the end of the day.

The winning team with $64 worth of skins was:Winter Blues Winner

  • Skip: Jack Balsor
  • Mate: Dave Schultz
  • Second: Edna Salter
  • Lead: Linda Ramsey

Several people helped to make the bonspiel a success. I was able to thank most of them. However, I forgot to thank Perry for making the coffee and for general assistance in the organization of the teams and other tasks. Also, I forgot to thank Ed Getson for running a successful 50/50!


New Broom Fabric!

Andrea Saulnier & Jill Alcoe-Holland graciously replaced the fabric on our rental brooms Monday NIght (Jan 25, 2016). They did a terrific job and even recovered some member broom heads for a small donation to the club!

They have a small collection of recovered broom heads for sale ($5.00) and all proceeds will go to the Curling Club! If you have any heads you would like to donate/recover, please let them know.

Thank you!